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The Plebiscitary is spreading the common sense notion of democratic rule by SuperMajority, where all citizens have an equal say in all initiatives voted upon, even an equal say in which initiatives are even considered ballotable.

The Plebiscitary encourages everyone to stop looking for leaders, to stop considering who to vote for, and take their civic duty into their own hands, and under their own control, and wrest it from those in power by insisting on more and more plebiscites, rather than on representatives in congress or parliament who can’t possibly better divine the public will on an issue, than can the public themselves.

The Plebiscitary is about preserving liberty by limiting the powers and responsibilities of government and limiting the legal power of any type of minority over the majority.

We are here to promote freedom through Supermajority consensus on any laws that restrict our freedom or cost us money.

The Plebiscitary is about giving the common people the power to decide on all issues that affect their lives, from declarations of war, laws that restrict social freedoms such as marriage, to income/corporate/capital gains/sales tax rates.

This is an exciting new idea, never been (truly) tried in recorded history – letting the people themselves directly decide how they are taxed, letting people themselves decide which laws should restrict their common freedoms, letting the populace master its own destiny, for the first time in history.

We are committed to helping facilitate the transitional process from representational elected officials, to direct democratically proposed initiatives with direct democratically decided Supermajority plebiscites determined by the population at large.

We will promote the scientific, economic and moral sensibility of Direct Democracy Rule by Supermajority.


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