The Mockery That Is Democracy

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The questions about how to solve society’s ills, in the mainstream media today, always swirl within the context of which leaders have screwed up, and which leaders we need to vote in, to better reflect and effect the public will.

What you never see discussion about is why we feel we should need leaders at all, to attempt to divine the public’s will and act upon it. The entrenched elites who control the mainstream media are content to keep the public distracted by voting for people in a system that the elites are too easily exploiting and manipulating for their own benefit, and to the detriment of the average, hard working citizens.

You won’t see the mainstream media questioning why we need leaders at all.

Neither will you see them questioning why corporate, capital gains, and high income tax rates have plummeted to fractions of what they were since the 1950s while low income tax rates haven’t dropped at all, transferring the tax burden from corporations, wealth and high income earners, to the average middle and low income earners.

You won’t see the mainstream media questioning why we continue to let simple majorities run the country and impose legislation to which we all must then adhere. And when abstentions are factored in, it’s not even an actual simple majority, but a minority, imposing on the majority.

You won’t see the mainstream media calling for an overhaul of the ballot initiative system, to expand ease of access for all citizens to take part in legislation creation, nor will you see them ever suggest we move in the direction of direct democracy, because then the elites would lose their ability to set legislation that maintains their power and control of the wealth, wealth created by the citizens of the country.

You’ll never see the mainstream media asking why there is no public input on the setting of tax rates for corporations, capital gains or income taxes. You’ll never see them floating the idea of a wealth tax.

The reason you’ll never see the mainstream media question any of these scenarios, is because it doesn’t serve the keepers of the wealth that own the mainstream media, to make any move towards letting the people actually rule themselves.

The mainstream media, a reflection of the elites that own it, are content to insist that we need to work within the current system which has hamstrung the public will. They will report ad nauseam on every facet of every election, and in so doing, perpetuate the myth that we need leaders to solve society’s ills at all.

The mainstream media, in reflecting the needs of the elites that own them, are much more inclined to manipulate minority groups into getting legislation passed that benefits the elites.

To take just one of innumerable examples, no president of the united states in the past century, was ever voted in by even a simple majority (51%) of the total voting public. Because voter turn out rates (which they rely heavily upon) bounce between about 50 and 60 percent of the total public, only 51% of that lesser total is ever needed to put in place a politician. In 2012, President Obama was voted in with 51% of the 57.5% of the total that actually voted. And 51% of of 57.5% of the population, is then in actuality a minority of only 29% of the public, a minority, voting into power the President of the United States.

The mainstream media won’t report any of this to you, but The Plebiscitary shall!

The real mockery of democracy is that it isn’t even democratic at all. Minorities are determining and passing legislation, one massive omnibus bill after another, legislation that restricts everyone’s freedom.

It’s time that democracy finally lived up to its name, and delivered actual rule by the people, for the people by removing the flaws brought on by representation from the equation altogether, by moving from simple majorities to supermajorities and by overhauling the ballot access system, making it easily available to all citizens.

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